Unity Developer

Location: Buenos Aires City, Argentina

Avalibility: full-time







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Pablo is a Unity 3D Developer who has devoted himself to game programming since 2009. After years of experience, he took up cutting edge tools such as: Unity3D, ZBrush, ActionScript, Angular.js, JavaScript, C#, C++ and applied them in several projects. Pablo has mainly worked for specialized game development companies as 50 Cubes, Vostu and Globant and at the same time, he has kept on programming games on his own. Among his inventions, we could point out: Maxi’s Awesome Adventures, Dragon’s Cave, Trainerd, Pesky Mole and so on, developed both on iOS and Android Platforms. On the whole, programming games is Pablo’s passion and for that reason, he would be the ideal candidate to take part in any type of project connected to this industry.



January 2016 - CURRENT

Backend Developer


Pablo is currently involved in the backend development of an iOS application which allows users to create different kind of events (Public or private events) and also this application suggest to them other events taking into account user's interest and their location. This project has not gone live yet and is still in progress.


    Unity 3D Developer


    Pablo took part in this incredibly challenging project for which he performed as Unity3D Developer. As such, he was assigned the following tasks: user interface layout building, application logic as well as data persistence.

      Unity 3DC#


      Double Exposure was a brief gaming project where Pablo fulfilled a Unity3D Developer position. Throughout this experience, he devoted himself to screen layout and game logic building. What is more, he has also programmed this game both for iOS and Android platforms. On top of that, he also handled videos and pictures upload.

        AndroidIOSUnity 3DC#


        At Movie Trivia, Pablo joined this project and contributed to its content uploading, game logic and screen layout. Apart from that, he collaborated with its Android and iOS platforms development.

          AndroidIOSUnity 3DC#

          Hololens Developer

          Pablo is currently researching about Hololens technology, he is making tests and developing games in Unity 3D over this platform. He has already create some characters for virtual reality games as well as games prototypes. Moreover, he has participated as a speaker about Virtual reality and Augmented Reality in AccelOne's Hackathon.

            Unity 3D


            June 2014 - July 2015

            Mobile Application Developer

            Funler is an innovative learning company especially for kids and they have come up with a mobile application that includes gamification for kids to keep on learning any time. For this project, Pablo behaved as a Mobile Application Developer and programmed the mobile iOS and webview for this application. Apart from that, he also focused on adding gaming elements as well as taking care of the native iOS side of the application, notifications, webview compatibility and native video player.


              Unity 3D Developer

              PROJECT: CAT ON THE ROOF 

              Pablo got involved in the development of this game called Cat on the Roof. Even though this game had already been coded by other programmers, he had to have all those tasks redone. He applied JavaScript and Unity 3D for User interface programming and mostly for character reactions as well as game traps. Lastly, he kept in touch with the designing team and artist to whom he summarized game information.

                JavaScriptUnity 3D



                Maxi’s Awesome Adventures is one of Pablo’s personal projects and he has created this wizard that will face different obstacles on his way. He began this project from scratch and he was able to design and develop this entire game all on his own in a week.

                  IOSAndroidUnity 3D

                  Pablo is the creator of this mobile game application and worked in tandem with his friends to launch this brand new game that allows users to keep their brain fitness by doing some exercises proven to be good for their mental health. Finally, the application was designed and programmed on iOS platforms and AppleWatch.

                    IOSUnity 3D

                    Pablo worked together with a friend of his on this game that consists in avoiding all sorts of obstructions on the dragon’s way. For this game, Pablo was responsible for the development of this game utilizing C# and Unity3D. They also placed this product on Android devices.

                      IOSAndroidC#Unity 3D

                      Pesky Mole is a modern version of the game “Whack a mole” that Pablo thought up all on his own. He got involved in the design and programming of this mobile application, available both in iOS and Android devices.

                        IOSAndroidC#Unity 3D

                        50 CUBES INC

                        February 2014 - June 2014

                        C# and Unity 3D Developer

                        PROJECT: SPACE PIRATES ""

                        Space Pirates is a mobile game developed both on Android and iOS platforms and during this project, Pablo helped optimizing the application size in all platforms, code, reducing and fixing resolution issues. On top of that, he added integration with Google Play game services and textures. Pablo was part of a seven people team, and he belonged to the FrontEnd development area.

                          Unity 3DC#


                          March 2011 - February 2014

                          C# and Unity 3D Developer

                          PROJECT: TOP FARM 

                          Pablo participated in the development of Top Farm which is a mobile application that allows users to build their own land. Mainly for this project, Pablo added movement to animated animal characters on the game and contributed to some exportation problems-fixing. Furthermore, he has also programmed system for users to purchase and sell objects besides enabling to connect with other social networks.

                            Unity 3DC#

                            Actionscript 3 Developer

                            PROJECT: CAFE MANIA 

                            Café Mania was a game developed on the social network Orkut for which Pablo assisted for little time in the programming of several features and also dealt with this game’s maintenance.


                              PROJECT: MINI FAZENDA 

                              Mini Fazenda is the biggest and most popular social game in the Brazilian community for which Pablo by utilizing ActionScript programming language, worked on several features. Among the changes he took part in, he worked on a “goal system”, path finding for animals and weather effects. Throughout this experience, he was looked up by his workmates and he was regarded as the “functionalities expert”.



                                August 2009 - March 2011

                                Game Develper

                                PROJECT: POKER PALACE – PLAYDOM 

                                Poker Palace is an online game for users to gamble freely and as a Game Developer, Pablo stayed throughout this projects to solve all the problems the application suffered from.


                                  PROJECT: MARKETPLACE - PLAYDOM 

                                  Marketplace is a business simulation game that allows users to manage their own store and Pablo contributed to its development and enhanced performance. On top of that, another interesting feature is that this game was connected to social networks.


                                    PROJECT: DRAGONS MINIGAMES - DREAMWORKS 

                                    Pablo got involved in this important American entertainment company for which he dealt with game web programming by applying ActionScript 3 language.





                                      Game Art

                                      IMAGE CAMPUS


                                      Game Developer

                                      IMAGE CAMPUS

                                      teaching experience

                                      Da Vinci Institute

                                      2012 - 2012

                                      Programming Teacher

                                      The course covered different aspects of engines, programming and tools for game development, such as design patterns, how to create a particle system, how to use a pool for enemies and particle systems, field of view for enemies and simple AI, modify meshes by collisions, implementation of a quest system, how to use waypoints. By the end of the class each student had to present a game using what was learned.

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